Doula Love Notes

When we first met Emily, we knew she was going to our doula. She exuded warmth, compassion and calm- exactly what first time parents-to be needed.

She consistently addressed our concerns with evidence and anecdotal details that eased our fears and anxieties.

She met with us twice before our daughter’s birth. Each visit addressed different needs. The 1st was a general information session about her services while she assessed our needs. The 2nd one was more hands- on, about learning and practicing pain management, a continuation of surveying our needs/wishes, and developing a birth plan.

Months prior to our daughter’s due date, she warned us of a conflict in her schedule two to three weeks prior to her due date. We hired her despite this conflict- we were hoping that a first baby would arrive late. Emily arranged for us to meet her back up doula and we all met to discuss the possible transition.

Emily was in constant contact with us via email and phone.

Within a few days of meeting with the possible back up doula, Emily informed us of a change in her schedule- we were being told by our doctors to prepare for a possible induction and Emily’s conflict in her schedule fell on the same day. Emily made herself available for the big day-she did not feel right about missing the induction.

In our 31 hr induction, Emily provided the needed calm, experience, hands-on support and guidance for all of us; she held all of our hands.

Post birth, Emily met with us to check in and offer resources for lactation support and continued to follow up with information about support groups.

After our daughter was born, my husband said, “Now I understand why doulas exist.”

Did I mention: she is a massage therapist and provided great relief to the icky prenatal pains!
— Shirley
Emily brought so much wisdom and experience to our birth, pregnancy and post-partum period. She is very grounded and I always feel better just being around her. Emily helped us prepare for the birth by asking us thoughtful questions, listening carefully to our hopes, fears, and values, and committing our birth plan (and associated contingency plans) to heart.

Emily is also a massage therapist and she includes a wonderful prenatal massage in her package. During labor, her touch and her presence were so very helpful. She and my husband were such a great team - 95% of the time, it was just the three of us, with very little need for our wonderful midwife to do anything. Emily also helped my husband by staying with me while he took a nap, taking turns pressing my sacrum and supporting my belly during every single contraction, and bringing us food and drinks.

Emily also came to stay with me when I thought I was in labor (it was a false alarm) and I needed someone to keep me company and go for a walk (and up and down lots of hills and stairs) in the middle of the night. She was such a good sport about our “dress rehearsal” and I think it helped all of us gear up for the real thing a week later.

We will definitely ask Emily to be our doula again when we have our second child. She’s absolutely wonderful.
— Carolyn
Emily was a wonderful support to me and my husband during my very long labour. She was a very calming and reassuring presence during the labour and her massages throughout were amazing.

She was also a great resource in the lead up to delivery and was happy to answer any questions that we had at any time.

I would highly recommend her services!
— Sarah
Having Emily as our doula was a huge help and comfort to me as a first time Dad. Her professionalism, knowledge, and communication are excellent. Just as importantly, she is a very sweet and warm person who is easy to talk to, laugh and cry (happy) with. Her calm, clear and comforting manner made the entire experience much more manageable to me as a husband. She is a pleasure to work with. You will be happy you chose her.
— James
We had Emily as our birth class instructor and loved her. We decided to hire her as our doula for our home birth and we are so thankful we did! Emily was such an wonderful calming presence during labor and delivery. She was by my side the ENTIRE time and was so soothing and encouraging. My husband and I are truly thankful for her assistance during our birth and for helping make it such a beautiful experience. She was easy to reach and great at checking in to see how I was doing in the weeks leading up to the birth and postnatally as well. I would highly recommend her as a doula!
— Juliane
Having Emily as our doula made the birth of our son a life-changing experience. She was fully committed to the entire birth process, weathering the long hours and stress with us while maintaining a calming, positive attitude. Not only were her massage therapy skills inordinately helpful to us both (having someone who knows where/when to relieve tension in the body was a definite plus), but her knowledge of labor progression techniques proved invaluable to me both prenatally and during the birth. Even our obstetrician—known for her fastidiousness—was impressed enough to ask for her name as a referral for her patients. I sincerely believe I couldn’t have labored naturally as long as I did without Emily, and my partner and I would recommend her without hesitation to any soon-to-be parents.
— Barb & Joe

Childbirth Class Feedback

We took Emily’s birthing class and let me say if you are considering it do it! We walked away feeling so much more confident and at peace for the birth experience that was ahead of us. And being able to go through it with my husband put us on the same page so he too could feel confident as my partner in all of this. We love Emily and are so grateful we met her!!!
— Kaytlyn L.
Emily is so knowledgeable and explains all the terminology in a way we can relate and understand. This class should be a requirement as you will find it so very helpful. I would recommend anyone that is a new parent or already a parent it will make a huge difference in your experience.
— Nancy W.
We have been telling everyone that taking your class and hiring you to be our doula was the best investment we made in our baby’s birth!
— Matt W.
I took Emily’s class and am so glad I did! Not only was I able to have an ideal natural birth with the tools and techniques she taught me, but I was able to decide that a natural birth was what I wanted. I couldn’t have done it without her. Take this class!
— Jessi M.

Massage Love Notes

Emily is one of the most aware and compassionate people I have met in a very long time, and she brings this sensitivity to every massage she performs. She conveys her knowledge in a non-threatening way, and her generous spirit allows her to build trust very quickly... As a result, Emily designs treatment goals and executes treatment plans that are structurally specific and appropriate while respecting the client’s desires, boundaries and comfort levels. Her sensitivity and ability to sense client’s energy and respond accordingly astounds me each time we work together. Emily takes her ability to guide people in good health seriously, and she is a talented massage therapist for it.
— Katherine
It was my first massage, ever. I loved having a peaceful postpartum massage in the comfort of my own home and with someone who made me feel completely relaxed. Emily is simply, the best.
— Sarah D.
Emily is a fantastic massage therapist! Her work is deeply therapeutic, nurturing, and very enjoyable!
— Rachel
Stressed or hurting? I have had a lot of both, and massage is the best remedy I’ve found. Of the 5 massage therapists I’ve seen in Tulsa so far, Emily is the best!!!

Thank you Emily! My head has stopped feeling like it is going to implode. Hooray!
— Kara Joy
Prior to and during labor her massage skills were amazing and her voice through contractions kept me calm. She even gave my husband a massage to calm him a bit.
— Jessica
Emily’s massage is luscious. Her precise and gentle but firm approach is ideal for a relaxing and extremely effective massage. I have had many sessions with Emily and each time is as consistently great (if not better) than the last. She is always thorough and attentive to my complaints and concerns. My only complaint is that she has left Brooklyn. Our loss, your gain, Tulsa!!
— Sarah A.