Emily was such an wonderful calming presence during labor and delivery. She was by my side the ENTIRE time and was so soothing and encouraging. My husband and I are truly thankful for her assistance during our birth and for helping make it such a beautiful experience.
— Juliane

Doula Packages

In my roles as a doula, childbirth educator, and lactation counselor, my goal is always for you to have a satisfying birth and breastfeeding experience - in a way that is unique to you. My packages are designed to help me get to know you well, so that I can help you reach your goals.


Birth Doula Support Package


  • We will have 1-2 prenatal visits to get to know one another better, discuss your personal birth preferences, needs, and desires, and practice comfort measures and positions to get a sense of how we will work together as a team at your birth. (It's ok if you don't know your exact preferences ahead of time! We will discuss options and start to narrow down what might work best for you.)

  • You can call me, text or email with questions and for support from the time you hire me. I genuinely don't mind questions, and want you to use me as a resource!

  • I am on-call for you 24/7 from 37 weeks until you give birth.

  • Once you decide you are ready for me to join you in labor, you will receive continuous emotional, physical, and information support during your labor, birth, and through the first 2 hours postpartum, when I will help you establish initial breastfeeding.

  • All doula clients receive two complimentary hours of lactation counseling if needed, in-home or at your place of birth.

  • We will also have a postpartum visit during the first week postpartum to reflect on the birth experience together... and to admire your darling baby, of course!

  • I am always available to you in the future to discuss your birth experience, help you find resources for parenting, and delight in your child's growth and development.

Birth with Confidence Package

$1,060 - Birth Doula Services + Childbirth Classes

Wanna know more about me as a birth doula?

Since 2011, I have worked with over 90 families providing prenatal and labor support as a doula, and I have worked with many more birthing people (and sometimes their partners!) during pregnancy and the postpartum period as their massage therapist. In 2016, I began offering formal childbirth education and have been honored to teach classes for over 100 families to date. If you are pregnant and looking for a doula in the Tulsa area, let's find a time to talk about your upcoming birth and explore how my services could support your family in labor.

My approach to pregnancy and labor support is non-judgmental, down-to-earth, and passionate. I connect through empathetic listening; the sharing of evidence-based options for pregnancy, birth and early parenting; and laughter! I believe that my job is to share all the information I have with you, and to support you in making the best decisions for YOUR family.

My clients give birth safely and happily in home, birth center and hospital settings, at nine hospitals and three birth centers to date. You will be hard-pressed to find a midwife, obstetrician, or nurse that I can't work well with in a collaborative and compassionate manner. Whether your birth is a VBAC birth, a medical induction, a labor that will begin on its own, an unmedicated or natural birth, a planned or unplanned cesarean birth, a birth with epidural, a high risk pregnancy, a plus-size pregnancy, a twins birth, a pregnancy loss or expected stillbirth, or pregnancy after loss and fertility challenges, I have experience working in similar situations before you! 

I enthusiastically and lovingly support all parents and families including LGBTQI folks, single parents and single parents by choice, married and unmarried couples, and families with surrogacy or adoption arrangements.

You deserve to have an experienced doula that you feel comfortable with. Let's schedule your free, no-obligation doula interview to see if I would be a good fit for your birth team. Click the button below, and I'll see you soon!

I have no words to explain how wonderful Emily was or how much she improved our birth experience... Our home birth was everything we hoped it could be and I credit a lot of that to Emily.
— Jess W.