It's not too late to give the gift of peace and relaxation this winter!

If you're anything like me, you will likely find yourself scrambling for presents the evening before your office holiday party or family get-together. And who wants to battle the lines at shops this week?!

I've got you covered with gift certificates for massage therapy for your loved one or friend who is pregnant or postpartum!

You can customize the design and message, and choose from varying amounts:

$40 for a 30 minute massage
$70 for a 60 minute massage
$105 for a 90 minute massage

You can print the gift certificate off at home, or have it sent to the recipient's email address. Best of all, your recipient can book their massage online whenever they want!

If you're really wanting to go all out, we can arrange for you to purchase a pre-paid series of massages! Be in touch if you'd like to make special arrangements.

Click the gift card below to get started. Happy Holidays!

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