Birth Story of Joe H: Unmedicated Birth at Special Delivery Birth Center

I'm so honored to have the opportunity to begin sharing birth stories with you here on the blog. Earlier this summer I put out a call on Facebook for friends and clients in Tulsa, OK and beyond to share their birth stories, and I was thrilled to receive a flood of messages volunteering to share! Over time, I'll be sharing with you stories of unmedicated and medicated births, births in hospitals and birth centers and at home, births with doulas and without, in Tulsa, NYC, and places in between. Stay tuned - and contact me if you'd like to share your own story here on the blog!

This first story comes to us thanks to Valerie H. Thank you, Valerie, for sharing the story of your son's waterbirth at Special Delivery Birth Center right here in Tulsa. 

Joe H, born on 1/22/16 at 8:48 am, weighing 6 lbs 9 oz  & measuring 21.5 inches. Born at Special Delivery Birth Center after 12 hours of labor.

Names of those present during labor and birth:

Roger H - husband/dad; Elizabeth - midwife; Christa - doula; Birth Assistants- Jenni and Marlita

Details on how, when, and where I went into labor:  

I was 38 weeks and 6 days. I went to work that day then left early for my scheduled midwife appointment. Elizabeth said I was 3 cm and that it would be a while- this was at 2pm. I went shopping then went home and took a nap. I ate a snack at about 6, then went to prenatal yoga. My water broke when I sat up at the end of yoga! It was at about 8 pm.

I drove home and told my husband and texted my doula. Contractions started within an hour. I then sat on a birth ball and we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Also, my husband had to install the car seat!

I was so excited! maybe a bit nervous, but very much excited to meet the baby.

Traveling to my birth place was…

Uneventful. I had to go a bit earlier than I really wanted to get the antibiotic shot, so my contractions weren’t bad, but were consistent.

When I got there, I got the shot from Jenni. The midwife was at another birth. I told my doula to wait before she came, so I was just hanging out on the birth ball.

What was the hardest part of labor?

At one point we were trying to get him more engaged and I had to like pick up on my giant stomach and kinda push back and down during contractions. It was the worst pain! When the contractions were right on top of each other was also tough!

What was the best part about labor?

It was so zen at the birth center. I really loved it! It was dark and quiet and smelled nice. Everyone was super chill and relaxed. I stayed very focus and calm. I felt really prepared.

What or who helped the most during labor?

My doula had magic heating pads for my lower back! My husband did a lot of counter pressure that was amazing. Sitting backwards on the toilet helped. The water in the tub was so nice. Everyone was really supportive.

What was something memorable or funny you said during labor? 

One time the doula was pushing on my back trying to help during a contraction but it felt awful. I remember saying STOP very sternly then adding a sweet “please”. My husband said- at least she still has manners and asked nicely. I was really focused and didn’t respond but remember thinking they should be quiet.

Then when Joe was out someone said: "Your baby is here!" And I said, "Really?!" I don't think I really believed it was over.

How long did you push?

waterbirth in tulsa

27 minutes

What is your first memory after giving birth?

I thought, "I did it! Completely natural birth!"

What was the first thing you said after giving birth?   

"I did it!"

What did you notice about your baby?

He was so tiny! I just wanted to hold him so close.

Other details you remember:

It was so nice to be in the warm tub; he was born in the water. We stayed in until the placenta was delivered. Everyone came to see the placenta. I was fascinated too! We just stayed all cozy in the bed, the three of us. So peaceful with the morning sun shining in through the window.

Memories from baby’s first feeding:

He was a pro. Crawled right up and latched on.

Memorable details from the first few hours after birth:

Elizabeth said after about an hour, "You can take a shower." And that sounded like the best idea ever!

My doula fed me oatmeal right after the birth and I had a placenta smoothie very soon after as well. It was delish!

Who visited in the first 24 hours after birth?

My chiropractor and our postpartum doula/lactation counselor Amy.

When did you go home from your birth place?

6 hours later we were home in our own bed. Glorious.

What do you remember from the first ride home with baby?

We stopped and got bagels at Old School Bagel for lunch. I rode in the back with him. I just wanted to be right there with him.

What did it feel like to have your new baby in your home for the first time?

It was so sweet to bring him home and have him with us. We had a wonderful birth experience and felt very supported.

Thanks again, Valerie! 

If you would like to share the story of your baby's birth here on the blog, I would be honored to host it! You can email me through the website and I will send you the prompts right away.