How often should I get a massage?


This question seems to stress a lot of my clients out. Probably because most of us feel like we have packed schedules and tight budgets, right? My advice is pretty simple: Get a massage as often as your schedule and finances allow. Many people will feel good and see lasting benefits to their stress levels, tension, or pain with a regular massage at biweekly, monthly or even every-six-week frequency.

Weekly massage is particularly helpful for managing chronic conditions like high stress, anxiety, or the physical wear and tear of a demanding training schedule (I salute you, marathon runners!) Getting a massage weekly is also popular during pregnancy, particularly after 34-36 weeks. And after acute injury, such as strain or overuse, getting a weekly massage for up to a month could help get things back to get working order.

It's rarely necessary to get massage more often than once a week, but if you are dealing with a painful crick in your neck, or you're 41 weeks pregnant and have an induction date looming, it can't hurt to try two or three treatments in the span of a week.

So like I said, try to get a massage as often as your finances and schedule will allow.  And if you are dealing with an acute issue, prioritize getting a few treatments a little more often than your usual frequency. If you are still wondering what frequency would be good for you, talk to me about it at your next appointment; I can help you figure out a good schedule!

I offer series of three, five or ten massages at a discounted rate when you pre-pay, to encourage consistency in your treatment schedule. The expiration date for each series is set with the intention of supporting you in scheduling a massage at least once a month, though of course they can be used more quickly. You can purchase a series of three, five or ten massage sessions here; just scroll down and click on Series. You can also purchase a series at your next appointment. Can't wait to see you on my table!