New Brookside Location for Massage Appointments

Tulsa area massage seekers now have two options for booking a massage with Mama Massage Doula! I am seeing clients at an office on Brookside in the Crow Creek office building, and still accepting appointments for outcall prenatal and postpartum massage within Tulsa city limits.

Tulsa massage

Appointments on Brookside

3220 S. Peoria Avenue, Suite 202
Fridays 11am-7pm
Saturdays and Sundays 12pm-4pm

30 minutes $40 | 60 minutes $70 | 90 minutes $105

Make an appointment by clicking on the button below, email or call/text 918-732-9579.


House Calls for Prenatal and Postpartum Massage

prenatal massage for low back pain

Hey Mama! Feeling the need for relaxation, pain relief, and better circulation, but just not feeling like coming into the office? If you're pregnant or up to three months postpartum, I can come to you! Prenatal and postpartum massage in your home is available for clients who live within Tulsa City limits.

60 minutes $80 | 90 minutes $120

You can request an appointment online by clicking the button below, email me at, or call/text 918-732-9579.


Wondering if massage is right for you?

Massage can help to relieve chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain; manage stress and anxiety; deal with common discomforts of pregnancy; and recover from labor and birth.

One client said getting a massage with me was like getting a "deep tissue massage that doesn't hurt," and I think this is really accurate! I want to get in there and work things out for you, but never at the expense of your body's willing capacity for change in the moment. When you leave, you should feel really good - like your body is an excellent place to live!