Massage: not just for pregnant folks!

One of the most frequently asked questions I've received in the past six months is "Do you do massage for people who aren't pregnant, too?" 

Yes. Yes! The answer is yes.

Colorful Lights   by   K  evin Dooley  , used under   CC BY   / Text added to original using  Over

Colorful Lights by Kevin Dooley, used under CC BY / Text added to original using Over

Now, this is understandably somewhat confusing. My business is called Mama Massage Doula, right? And that is obviously meant to indicate that I, you know, provide massage for mamas. 

But the other story behind the name "mama massage" comes from one of my former coworkers, a fantastic massage therapist with whom I regularly traded sessions. One time she came in to see me and said "Just do your thing. I need that good Emily mama love massage today."

I just loved this, because it made so much sense to me. I think of my massage as being grounding, loving, and gentle (yet effective!). Just as I do when I'm at a birth, I strive to create and hold a safe space while I'm with my client. I think of my clients as children of the universe who are deserving of care and attention just for being alive.  Talk about some archetypical Mama energy! 

So you see, you don't have to be pregnant or a new parent to get a mama massage. You don't even have to want to be a parent or like babies at all! If you are dealing with stress, chronic pain or tension, or want to use therapeutic touch as part of your wellness routine, I might be a good massage therapist for you. Let's get your appointment booked.* Let's get you some mama massage.

*Right now I'm available for massage appointments in your home for clients in Tulsa. Soon, I'll be working out of an office as well.