When we first met Emily, we knew she was going to be our doula. She exuded warmth, compassion and calm- exactly what first time parents-to be needed.
— Shirley

Feeling overwhelmed with all your birth options? 

  • Should you use a doctor or a midwife?
  • Home, hospital, birth center?
  • Maybe your Mom wants to be at your birth, and you can't tell if that's going to be what you want.
  • You love your partner - of course you do! - but aren't sure he or she will be able to provide all the support you need in labor, especially if it goes on for hours.
  • And meanwhile, your body is changing every day and your sleep, exercise, and other routines are all out of whack!

My job as a doula is to help you balance research-based information with your intuition to make the empowering, healthy choices that are right for you.

I'm here to help you feel calm and prepared so you can keep being awesome. My clients receive relatable, steady support and information in pregnancy, labor, birth, early parenthood, and beyond. I want you to feel taken care of.